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NILOS-Rings provide practical protection for ball and roller bearings against contamination by dirt and debris, including tough abrasive particles that can cause equipment to malfunction and productivity to be lost. These all-metal seals are ideal for grease-lubricated anti-friction bearings in industrial environments that routinely generate excessive contaminants, such as those conditions encountered in the mining, paper, agriculture, construction, and automotive industries. Creating an effective space-saving seal for ball and roller bearings even in the harshest operating conditions, NILOS-Rings offer a simple and easily incorporated method to help improve bearing performance and extend service life. Manufactured for durability and with precision, standard NILOS-Rings are
produced from galvanized steel. Stainless and brass rings can be special-ordered as applications require.
The NILOS product line includes specialized ring types designed to seal ball bearings, straight (non-tapered) roller bearings, and tapered roller bearings. Users can further take advantage of NILOS steeldisk seals for bearings that will operate in extreme conditions and spacer rings to promote non-slip clamping. All these products are profiled in this catalog and custom sealing solutions can be developed, based on decades of experience from an industry pioneer and leader


Standard 0.6250 in
Round Set Screw

NILOS LSTO 25 x 52 CHINA Bearing 25*52

29000 N 21.00 mm
43600 N 6300 rpm


Baldor-Dodge 782475878567
Nylon Class 10

NILOS 6215 AV CHINA Bearing 75*120.5*3.5

Steel Single Lip
Setscrew Set Screw

NILOS 6210AV CHINA Bearing 50*82.8*3

Yes 2.52 LB
Cast Iron Std Retainer

NILOS 6208 AV CHINA Bearing

12700 N 30.000 mm
16.00 mm 1.00 mm

NILOS 22226AV CHINA Bearing

Setscrew Polymer
5.42 LB Not Applicable

NILOS 21311AV CHINA Bearing 55*108*0.3

Polymer Baldor-Dodge
Rogersville, TN Self Centering